Where is the Student Service Centre?

Our Centre is located in Building D at 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar. You need to enter the building through Exit 5 (the wooden doors to the right of Exit 1). You don’t need a pass to visit the Centre, but please have ID on you, such as:

  • HSE pass or student ID card – for currently enrolled students;
  • passport – for alumni;
  • passport and notarized power of attorney – for authorized representatives.

What services does the Centre provide?

You can view our services at website

How can I request a service?

Submit a request via our e-service. If you don’t have a login and password, please register here before applying.

I don’t know what template form I need to use for my certificate. How do I find out which template I need?

Certificates issued on a template with a coat of arms and sealed with a stamp with the coat of arms are usually required for submission to consular services, embassies and state institutions (e.g., Russia’s Social Fund or Federal Tax Service). In other instances, a certificate on an HSE University letterhead bearing its own stamp will suffice.

How do I change languages in the e-service interface?

You can switch between languages in your personal account. To do this, go to your profile by clicking on the circle in the upper right corner of the screen and then select the first option “Profile” (“Профиль”). In the right-handed column, “Parameters” (“Параметры”), tap the first function – “Edit my profile” (“Редактировать профиль”). Then, in “Settings” (“Настройки”), you can change the language to English or Russian.  

My request doesn’t appear on the list of applications. Where can I find it?

If your request cannot be found, it means that it has been completed. You can find closed requests in your personal account, in the “All Requests” section. Then, you’ll need to change the “Submitted Requests” tab to the “Completed Requests” tab.

I need a certificate confirming the size of my scholarship or income. Where can I get one?

This certificate can be requested from the HSE University’s Financial Office. You can learn more about requesting a certificate and where it can be collected at the link.

I need a certificate confirming that my tuition has been paid. Where can I get one?

Certificates to confirm tuition payments for submission to Russia’s Federal Tax Service bodies are provided by the University’s Financial Office. You can learn more about requesting a certificate and where it can be collected at the link.

Where can I pick up my document on previous education (e.g., school certificate, degree diploma, etc.)?

Original documents of previous education are kept in students’ personal files, either at their home faculty or in the HSE University archive. To collect your documents, contact the manager of the programme where you study(-ied).

Where can I request a certificate for submission to a military recruitment centre (as per the forms specified in Annex No. 4 / Annex No. 5)?

Certificates for military recruitment centres can only be provided by the HSE University Military Registration Unit and the student must be physically present at the unit when the certificate is issued. Please contact the Military Registration Unit to request these documents. Read more at the link.

Do you have questions?

Answers to these and other questions can be found in the HSE Academic Handbook

If you don’t find information on your question, you can file a request for consultation via our Help Centre and you will hear from us soon.